CCBRALUX – Green Rio Seminar on Bioeconomy and Biostartups

On Thursday, November 28th, 2019, we at C.C.BRALUX (Chambre de Commerce du Brésil au Luxembourg) hosted an expressive seminar on BioEconomy, Bio Startups and Financing Structures for Green Projects, in partnership with the C.C.L (Chambre de Commerce du Luxembourg), Green Rio, the Brazilian Government (State of Mato Grosso) and PwC Luxembourg.
    The event, held at the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, for which 60 seats were sold, encompassed presentations from Ms. Maria Beatriz Bley Costa, CEO of Green Rio Agency and Project Office Mr. Álvaro Werneck, PMO Manager at Green Rio, entrepreneur and Master at PUC Rio in International Business, Mr. Antoine-Michel Rodriguez, PwC Legal and PwC Latam Desk, as well as a guest appearance by Brazilian State Secretary of Economic Development of Mato Grosso, César Alberto Miranda Lima and his delegation.
   Green Rio, a both nationally and internationally renowned expression of Sustainable Development and Green Investment initiatives in Brazil, has in its annual events hosted numerous Bio Economy breakthroughs and innovations; such as the Mobile Biomethane Gas Microstations by Bley Energias and most recently in it’s eighth edition, when Green Rio served as the platform for the launch of the first-ever Bioeconomic and Socio-biodiversity initiative by the Brazilian Government. The “Brazilian Bioeconomic and Socio-biodiversity Program”, spearheaded by Brazilian Secretary of Family Agriculture and Cooperatives, is geared towards the structuring of productive systems based on the sustainable use of biodiversity and extractivism, envisaging the growth of production and the use of renewable energy sources.
  The Brazilian state of Mato Grosso is the country’s leading agricultural producer and has been experiencing sustainable GDP growth over several years. In the second trimester of 2019 alone the state’s GDP grew 4.5%, with 18.8% growth in cattle raising and 3.2% in the services sector (IBGE). The state’s economic development delegation is strongly embracing Bio-economic ESG investment strategies and has not only presented in the C.C.BRALUX Bio-economy seminar but held various meetings in Luxembourg over the course of last week.
  C.C.BRALUX, with the valuable support of PwC (Mr. Euripedes Magalhães de Oliveira and Mr. Antoine-Michel Rodriguez) on financing structures, assessed the possibilities of bridging the high European demand for ESG investments and the market-leading ESG Investment structures of Luxembourg with the vast potential of the quickly evolving Brazilian Bio-economies.

We are very grateful to all of those who participated and look forward to our next endeavour together.
André V.F. Bezerril (Brazilian Consul A.h. to the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg) & Flavia Bley, Co-Founders at C.C. BRALUX

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